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your traffic should work hard for you, not the other way around!


Unlike my competitors, where they only serve traffic for the business opportunity niche that has been beaten down to death with offer after offer. You won't find that here. Aside from having access to a giant list of subscribers; I also have access to many friends and contacts with giant lists who use state of the art lead segmentation processes to make sure you always receive the highest quality traffic possible.

How Does The Segmentation Process Help You Get The Best Traffic Possible?

Since I control and have access to a huge giant list; I make sure for every campaign I run; that the subscribers who visit a specific web page for a specific offer; do not see this same offer again. This helps you "The Customer" to get quality unique traffic of fresh new prospects to see your offer.

And it also helps to prevent my list from burning out and becoming non-responsive. This process ensures that my lists stay fresh and clean with very low unsubscribe rate.

Once 30 days has past; then I allow that same prospect; to maybe see the offer again if he/she comes across it.

This segmentation process has helped me get the best ROI for my clients and also has helped me keep my clients happy and coming back for more traffic.

How It Works

Why My Traffic Is By Far Better Than My Competition?

I Never Burn Out My List! +

There is a reason why my customers always come back to me for more traffic. I focus on serving loyal and repeat customers.

They always come back for more because I never over-mail my list at any given time.

I never email my list more than twice a day, and I never send out an email to the same offer more than once every 30 days. So YES if you order a larger traffic package, it might take me few mailings before your traffic campaign is completed however, this will ensure you get a steady stream of traffic coming your way and also, it ensures consistent high conversion from the traffic I drive to your optin page.

Have you ever purchased solo ad traffic from other vendors who at first, you get a good stream of traffic and nice results; however on your second run, the traffic and quality dies down, and the results are not that great ? Well this is because other vendors over-email their list and they burn it out quicker than they can build it.

Well this won't happen with me. You can be rest assured that with me, you will have a steady stream of high quality traffic on your first order, and your hundredth order. Guaranteed ! Because I know how to treat and nurture my list to ensure they remain loyal and responsive forever!

My Traffic Is 90% Tier 1 Traffic! +

Tier 1 traffic is defined as "Traffic From Countries With The Buying Power". These countries are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and few others. These are the countries that have the money, and the buying power to not only be interested in your business opportunity, but also to buy into it. Buying clicks from my inventory means that 80+% of your traffic will be from leads I have generated in the Tier 1 category. And the other 20% will be from all over the globe.

Simply put, you can be rest assured that the traffic you buy from me will NEVER be from countries like India, china, or poor non-English speaking countries. I wish I can always exclude all countries but you can never fully control where all traffic comes from!

This is another important point you need to watch out for when buying solo ad traffic from any other provider. With me, its always the best traffic at the most competitive rate possible. It's all about getting you results, so you keep ordering from me again and again!

100% Robot-Free Traffic (CLICKS) +

Some shady traffic providers regardless of the type of traffic; they use online bots to emulate a visitor coming to your website however it is not a real human visitor; it's just a robot. With my traffic, you are 100% guaranteed to receive nothing but quality, targeted, real human visiting your website from top tier 1 countries.

I Generate All My Leads From High Quality Traffic Sources +

Nothing but high quality, targeted traffic.

The quality of traffic leads are generated from plays a huge role in the success or failure of your traffic campaign. This is something you need to ask every provider before buying solo ad traffic from them.

Because the source of traffic where leads are generated from will determine the quality of the lead, hence will determine the success of your solo traffic campaign.

I am proud to announce that my leads are all generated from high quality traffic sources which include natural search engine traffic, social media traffic, and PPC traffic.

I do not use low quality traffic sources from unknown sources which are known to be the weakest form of traffic.

Every Traffic Package Comes With A Tracking URL So You Can Track The Traffic I Send To You +

The only way to find out if you are getting good quality traffic; is if you can track the traffic that the provider is sending to your web page.

With any traffic package you buy from me; it comes with a tracking URL so you can track your clicks, geographic location, and conversions. This way you can be rest-assured that you are getting the exact traffic you are being promised by me.

Conversion Driven Traffic

I have one goal in mind that comes with any traffic package you purchase from me. My goal is to get you leads and sales. This is what the longevity of my business strives on.

Think about it; let's say you order 500 clicks from me. From these 500 clicks, you generated 10 leads and no sales. What are the odds of you purchasing more traffic from me again? NEVER!

Am I right???

So Here Is My Goal:

Example Scenario: You buy 500 clicks, you generate few hundred leads, and decent amount of sales. Now with results like this, what are your odds of ordering traffic from me over and over again ?? Very high right ?

So Here Is What We Have To Do To Guarantee You Get Results

Send Traffic To An Optin Page

With Solo Ad Traffic; it is vital to send all your traffic to an optin page. The whole point of solo ad traffic is generating good quality leads. This is your first priority.

Prospects Viewing Your offer

Once you have generated the lead, it is then a good idea to send your prospects to whatever it is you promised them. Could be a sales video, sales letter, free training; sign up to a webinar etc..

Email Follow-Up Campaign

This is the most important part of your funnel process to getting high sales conversions. It is having a great email follow-up campaign in place to sell your product/service.

Look it's obvious that people including you never buy anything on the first visit which is why it was essential to capture the lead in the first place. This way you can keep following up with your prospects until they buy.

I Don't Hide. I Want Your Business Long Term & I Am Here To Help You!

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my website.

My Name Is Jalal Kassam and this is me to the right. is your ultimate destination that guarantees to provide high quality traffic to your website, online business, online promotion and/or your affiliate marketing products.

Web traffic is the life blood for any online business. In other words, an online business with no HEALTHY & CONSISTENT traffic simply cannot survive.

I am determined and committed to help you make money and succeed online. And moreover, to create a huge difference in the market place.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your traffic needs. Below are my contacts details:



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